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Massage Board
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Multi Massage Board

‧Material: Bentwood, Velvet + EVA Foam (Board)
Rubber Wood, Hook and Loop Fastener (Half-round ball)
‧Optional: EVA (Balance pad)
‧Size: Board - L 42cm x W 26cm
Half-round Ball - Dia. 45cm
Balance Pad - L 41cm x W 25cm
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* Designed and Handcrafted In The Taiwan
* Improves core strength, posture, coordination, sense of balance
* Anti-Slip surface
* Different base with deifferent level of training
* gripped top deck is comfortable with or without shoes.
* Smooth rolling lightweight and ultra tough roller reduces vibration and sound.
* Full freedom of movement, no tracks or grooves. Roller stops on the base keep you in control.

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