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Tile Series Matting
Premier X-grip

Premier X-grip

Premier X-grip

.Size: 30cm x 45cm x 1.5cm
.Colors: Brick Red, Black, Navy Blue, Dark Green,
.Interlocked & flexible raised platform tile
.Heavy duty structure
.Open weave allows high drainage capacity
.Special X texture surface enhances dirt trapping
    and anti-slippery.
.Easy assembling by interlocking
Heavy duty structure. Made of sturdy, durable 100% Nitrile rubber, providing excellent wear ability and weather resistance. Modernly designed cleat surface provides superior traction and scraping ability, holding the dirt in mat channels below the walking surface. Accessory with soft and hard PVC/Aluminum edging.

Recommended Uses
Entrances, garage, garden, swimming pool, balcony or other wet areas.
The place with anti-slip & drainage function request
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