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Anti-fatigue Foam Mat- non-glued


Anti-fatigue Foam Mat- non-glued

.Extra abrasion Vinyl top surface with closed cell
    Nitrile rubber/PVC Anti-Fatigue sponge base
.Overall thickness: 12.5mm
.The base foam is polymerically bonded to the
    top surface. Non-Glued.
.Extremely durable.
.Available in custom color
.Max. width 48", Max. length 100ft
    (2', 3', 4' widths & up to 100ft in length )
.Edges are safety sealed and beveled
.Surface: bark texture. Custom surface texture
Made of 100% durable ergonomic closed-cell Nitrile rubber/PVC foam. Topped with 2.0mm wear-resistance vinyl surface which can resist most chemicals, non-flammable and easy to clean. Resilient foam mat base provides extremely comfortable cushion to stand or walk on, and provides relief to aching feet and tired legs. Tapered edges prevent from tripping on it.
Available in individual mats or rolls. All edges safety beveled
Thickness: 12.5mm
Size: 2' x 3' ; 3' x 5' ; 2' x 60' ; 3' x 60' ; 4' x 60' Max. width 48", Max. length 100ft (2', 3', 4' widths & up to 100ft in length )
Available in custom color.
Recommended Uses
For dry work areas.
Hospital and laboratory environments.
Service counters.
Assembly lines.
Shipping and packaging work cells.
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